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Elk | Wild America Decal

This decal collection simply pays homage to native big game animals of the United States and North America. Great for phones, tablets, laptops, car windows, cornhole boards or any other smooth flat surface!

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Each decal is made out of long lasting vinyl that is rated for 5+ years (outdoor). This decal is perfect for car windows, laptops or any other smooth flat surface. The size of the decal represents the length or width in inches, whichever is longer. Decals are waterproof and removable. But not reusable. Each decal is die-cut. The background will be the surface that you place the decal on.


  • 3 inch - Cell Phones/Cases

  • 5 inch - Yeti Cups/Car Window

  • 7 inch - Car Window

  • 9 inch - Dorm Window, Car Window

  • 12 inch - Dorm Window, Car Window

  • 15 inch - Cornhole Boards

  • 18 inch - Rear Car window

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