Basement Ink and The Print Shop Collective

The Stately Shirt Company would not be a reality without the help of Ben Welstead and his business: Basement Ink at the Print Shop Collective.  After spending a morning learning about screen printing, the equipment needed, the techniques and the simple "touch" to make great shirts, the dream of starting The Stately Shirt Company became more of a reality than ever before.  The encouragement and help from Ben was just the "kick" that was needed start something good.  With that being said, we hope you check out Basement Ink and the great work they provide!

Who They Are

In 2007 I pulled a squeegee covered with thick blue ink over my first shirt in the basement of my house. Two weeks later I was printing my first official order. In the years that have followed, I have printed thousands of shirts for bands, schools, non-profits, family reunions, youth groups, etc.I view screen printing as art. I can’t guarantee the cheapest prices, because I take a lot of time to make sure I’m proud of each shirt that comes off my press. If you are looking for the cheapest shirts possible, there are plenty of other printers who will give you a cheap product. If your design is three lines of Times New Roman font, that’s lame, and I probably won’t print it. But, I will help you to refine it to create a shirt that you would want to wear in public, instead of just another shirt to wear while mowing the lawn.

Some other things about me: My wife is a professional photographer and a spectacular one at that: We are both using our gifts to help the country of Haiti: LOVE EQUALS. My church family is a big part of my life: Grace Chapel. I’m obsessed with Diet Mountain Dew. I wear gray almost everyday. I brew beer, can tie balloon animals and can single handily make the most amazing pancakes in the world.

1353 S 33rd. St

Lincoln, NE  68510

(402) 937-8424

Weekday Hours:

Available by phone or e-mail:  9:30a.m.-4:00p.m. Monday-Friday